Climate change and indigenous peoples in Peru: environmental policies or development policies?

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Carlos Trinidad, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Climate Policies developed the article entitled: “Climate change and indigenous peoples in Peru: environmental policies or development policies?” for the Pólemos Interdisciplinary Legal Portal.

In this text, the author identifies indigenous peoples and rural communities in Peru as actors that make an invaluable contribution to mitigating climate change. However, the territories where they are located, due to their geographical characteristics and the absence of the State, make them a particularly vulnerable population to the impacts of climate change.

Therefore, Trinidad concludes that the challenge of climate policy in Peru goes beyond avoiding deforestation through the classic command and control mechanisms or voluntary instruments of payments for environmental services. A reflection on the effectiveness of climate change mitigation and adaptation actions in a country with deep inequalities and social gaps, such as Peru, involves thinking about policies that integrate climate challenges with human development, including a reform of the property system indigenous peoples, climate finance and equity policies. In other words, in Peru, climate change policies have to be multidimensional policies oriented to the human and social development of the main actors that protect the Amazon, which are none other than indigenous peoples.

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